Each development project is a unique opportunity identified by an owner or investor. To achieve success and deliver the required return on investment, strong foundations with a clear vision and concept are essential.

We can partner with you at any stage during the project, and our dedicated development team will drive a focus on the key elements and luxury standards required to achieve the best possible outcome.

Pre Opening and Technical Services

At Luxury Hotel Partners, we offer a comprehensive pre-opening service for luxury boutique hotels. It starts with us understanding your investment proposition and then developing a business plan designed to achieve the best return on investment.

For up to two years prior to opening, our experienced team will assist, guide and direct the operation of a new hotel development covering aspects such as recruitment, training, marketing and the opening event. This ensures the correct standards are in place and a firm foundation for the future is set.

Hotel Development

If you are developing a hotel, we will support and provide advice not only through the concept stage but also during the construction phase. Our detailed concept plans ensure that architects and all other third party companies involved in the development are focused on the quality standards necessary for the hotel to meet the financial objectives.

As a niche business, we are able to offer an exclusive range of contacts and suppliers covering every aspect of the luxury boutique hotel sector. These range from professionals such as architects and interior designers, through to specialist functions such as valuations and commercial kitchen designers.

As a business to business service, our white label solution means that the Luxury Hotel Partners name remains firmly in the background. Our focus is to drive equity of your individual hotel brand.

Refurbishment and Repositioning

At Luxury Hotel Partners, we offer a specific service related to the refurbishment and subsequent repositioning of hotels. We work with you to determine market feasibility and the investment required to generate the optimum return as well as developing the plan required to achieve success.

We have a proven track record in this field and are able to share case studies of hotels that are now both profitable and competitive in their local markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring Luxury, our corporate and social responsibility programme demonstrates how luxury can be both enriching and rewarding, without the need to compromise the comforts and service of a luxury hotel experience.

By adopting a balanced approach to the development of hotels and resorts we are able to ensure that all aspects of the local environment and economy are considered and supported.

With each new development, the implementation of Caring Luxury helps to maximise the positive effects of tourism, by creating jobs in local communities and benefiting small businesses. The programme also identifies ways to conserve and protect local areas and makes guests aware of local cultures and traditions.