At Luxury Hotel Partners Ltd, our experience and specialism is managing and operating small luxury hotels and resorts for owners.

Our team of experts provides support, reassurance and maximum value for owners and investors.

Operational Management

At Luxury Hotel Partners, we provide a comprehensive management service to operate hotels on behalf of private owners, companies or absentee landlords. We have a proven track record of delivering profitable hotels in this very niche sector of the industry.

As a management company, our objective is to run a profitable hotel by offering the best luxury experience to our customers. We achieve this through a very “hands on” management style that is focused on delivering premium rate revenue streams, which convert into improved GOPPAR.

Our values, standards and procedures ensure meticulous attention to detail across all business areas.

Personnel Management

Balancing profit and the quality of service is an important management skill, especially with boutique hotels where we need to ensure that the guest experience is consistently delivered, 100% of the time.

Our management team understands that employees are the greatest asset a hotel has in providing exceptional levels of service. Preempting guests’ needs is the difference between good and great service and what gives your hotel a competitive advantage.

Our recruitment, training and development processes are rigorous, ensuring that your hotel has the team best equipped to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

Performance Monitoring

The company has the accountability to deliver the financial targets achieved through the defined vision. Complete responsibility for the hotel is required.

The Operations team is responsible for closely monitoring the hotel performance in order to meet the agreed budget. They provide you with comprehensive weekly and monthly reporting which includes accounts, performance comparisons, forecasts and cash flows, thus ensuring that your business is carefully nurtured and grown.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is a business critical function for all hotels and we provide this direction and distribution training as part of the comprehensive marketing or market? planning within the management contract.

Premium reservations revenue is delivered through the Small Luxury Hotels of the World bespoke reservations platform and maximum value is obtained if we are managing the hotel. Revenue streams that traditionally produce 15%-25% of total room revenue will be stretched by the Luxury Hotel Partners Management team by as much as a further 10% to drive up the Revenue per Available Room.

Luxury Potential Evaluation

What is a luxury boutique hotel? What is the checklist of standards? What are the specifications to make one?

These are typical questions. The answer is a Luxury Property Evaluation Plan.

The first stage in developing the plan is a site visit, this is important to evaluate the existing physical property and service standards. Where areas for improvement are identified, a detailed explanation is given about the broad process required to implement the necessary change.

The second stage is to proceed to a market evaluation to determine the capacity for a luxury property to work profitably in the locality.

The final report addresses all the areas, and enables you to determine whether there is scope for improvement and the potential return on capital expenditure.

Owners’ Support

We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult and feel like a leap of faith when you appoint an external company to manage your business for you.

At Luxury Hotel Partners, we understand that this requires confidence and trust, therefore we offer an initial phase of Owner’s Support for a period of up to six months so that you may evaluate our advice and direction ensuring that we always deliver to our promise.